How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Discord?

How to tell if someone unfriended you on Discord

Discord has become a popular platform for connecting with friends, communities, and gamers.

It’s not uncommon to have a long list of friends on Discord, but what happens when you suspect that someone has unfriended you?

While Discord doesn’t send notifications when someone unfriends you, there are a few subtle signs you can watch out for.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different methods to determine if someone has unfriended you on Discord.

It’s only natural to wonder if someone has unfriended you, but the platform doesn’t explicitly notify users of such actions. On Discord, go to your friends’ section and if you can’t see the person in question, they might have unfriended you. Or, check their profile. If you don’t see the “Send a Message” button, they might have unfriended you.


How to Tell If Someone Unfriended You on Discord?

Here are the methods to know someone unfriended you on Discord.

1. Checking Their Discord Profile

When you add someone as a friend on Discord, you gain the ability to send each other messages.

If you navigate to a person’s profile and notice that the “Send Message” button has disappeared and has been replaced with the “Add Friend” button, it’s a clear indication that you have been unfriended.

To check a person’s profile, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Launch Discord on your device.

Open Discord PC on your computer

STEP 2: Search for the person’s username in the “Find or start a conversation” box.

Find or start a conversation Discord PC

STEP 3: Click on their profile.

User Profile on Discord PC

STEP 4: Look for the “Send Message” button or the “Add Friend” button or the “Send Friend Request” button on their profile.

If you see the “Send Message” button, it means you are still friends. However, if you see the “Add Friend” button or the “Send Request” button instead, it suggests that you have been unfriended and need to send a friend request to be friends again.

If you can’t see the “Send a Message” or “Add Friend” button, it means that the other person has blocked you on Discord.


2. Check your Discord Friends List

Another straightforward way to determine if someone has unfriended you on Discord is by searching your friend list. If you notice a friend’s name missing, it might indicate that they’ve unfriended you.

To do this, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Launch Discord on your device.

Open Discord PC on your computer

STEP 2: Click on “Friends” and then “All Friends”. If you’re on mobile, simply go to the “Friends” section.

Friends and all friends on Discord PC

STEP 3: Review your friend list and check if the person in question is missing.

If you have lots of friends, search for that person’s username in the “Search” box.

If you can’t find the person listed as your friend, it’s likely that they have either blocked you or unfriended you on Discord.


While Discord doesn’t explicitly notify users when someone unfriends them, there are several indirect indicators you can observe.

From checking their profile to checking your friends list, these methods can help you deduce whether someone has removed you as a friend on Discord.


Will I receive a notification if someone unfriends me on Discord?

No, Discord doesn’t send notifications for unfriending actions.

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